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The hotel has a fine selection of local and Italian wines among which:

PRIMITIVO, so called because of the earlier-ripening of the grapes; full-bodied, harmonic Primitivo is one of the excellences of the Apulian viticulture and winemaking. It is a great red wine, strong and elegant at the same time fit for a number of dishes, it is widely praised for its versatility and organoleptic characteristics.

ILLUMINATO, white wine produced on the hill of the upper Murgia Barese (Apulia) 350 to 500m a.s.l. recommended for fish dishes, delicate soups and cheese.

RIESLING, white, strong, fruity, almost perfumed wine produced in the German valleys run through by rivers such as Moselle. Its "terroir-expressive" character makes this wine widely praised for its roundness and aroma.


GRAPPA BARRICATA, so called because its aging, twelve to eighteen months, takes place in little various precious wooden barrels (barrique) in the dark under controlled temperature.
Round delicate taste, rich in aroma, the right mate during conversations among friends or in moments of relax. It is a real source of pleasure when sipped at the end of a lunch or in any other lapse of the day.
To make the most of its taste, let it rest for some minutes into the glass so that the numerous aroma molecules, by oxygenation, enhance the perfumes and the nose-palate harmony.

PADRE PEPPE, renown liqueur from Altamura, it dates back to a friar's recipe in 1600. Mr Giuseppe Ronchi who stayed at the Convent got acquainted with the ancient recipe at the beginning of 1800. Today every single family in Altamura keeps jealously the recipe, of their own production, according to the ancient methods of preparation and aging.

LIMONCELLO, our own production liqueur made from organic lemons and alcohol.

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