The Eltz castle is a fortress dating the 12th century, built in the Eltz's valley separating Feld im Mai from Vordereifel. It is situated at 320 m. above sea level and is one of the most famous castles of Germany.

Burg Helz has a peculiarity: it is the only building which has never been destroyed or conquered thanks to the longsighted policies and good administration of its rulers. It challenged the 17th and 18th century wars and remained untouched during the French Revolution.

For over 800 years and 34 generations the castle has been owned by the family it bears the name of. The present owner, Karl Graf and Edler von Eltz-Kempenich, lives in Frankfurt on the Main. He committed himself to make the castle available to the public by opening the rooms of the castle and the original furniture to visits from April, 1st to October, 31st every day.