Saint Matthias' chapel stands for one of the most important late Romanesque chapels in the Rhine-Palatinate region.
The crusader Henry II of Kobern built the chapel in 1230 in memory and veneration of the apostle Matthias' head.
The relic is now in the Treviri's Cathedral.
The construction dates back to the late Romanesque period with gothic influences.
The unusual hexagonal plant of the chapel is an oriental influence, in fact it is the only building in its kind all over Germany.
The choir was created by artisans of the upper Rhine.
In 1819 the chapel was sold to Prussia, in 1836 it was retaken thanks to the intervention of the future king Frederick William IV.
It is a cultural monument registered and protected in the list of monuments of the Rhineland- Palatinate.
After accurate restorations the chapel has become a romantic location ideal for weddings and concerts.
It can be visited at week-ends in summer months.