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Our Cuisine

In our luggage we have brought a piece of Italy, Altamura in the province of Bari, an agricultural city of about 70.000 inhabitants.


Herbs represent another major ingredient of our cuisine. Parsley, basil and rosemary uniquely flavor our courses. Freshly picked up from our garden and directly used on the courses, they make courses tastier than dried herbs. An Italian classic, to be more precise from Genoa, is the "Pesto Genovese" made by crushing fresh basil, pine nuts, Italian sheep cheese, garlic, pepper and olive oil. The Hotel Simonis' guests will enjoy cooked to order hot sauces and other regional variations made with fresh herbs according to the season.


Olive oil has always been present in our home, just like in most Italian families. It is part of our history and culture. Above all in Apulia which is the "olive oil region" par excellence, with centuries-old trees whose woods dominate the landscape. Owing to its acknowledged properties, olive oil is strongly recommended for a healthy life. It is the top for frying or cooking, or dressing fresh salads, meat or fish dishes. It is the base ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. The "extra virgin" olive oil we use, ranks high in quality, we collect it directly from a family run oil- mill near Altamura which guarantees the quality standard of the produce.
The olives are hand-picked or collected by shaking the branches and the same day they are taken to the mill and immediately milled. This is a key condition to get good extra virgin olive oil. Hence, extra virgin olive oil may be well considered as real fruit juice with all its benefits for the health.


Pane di Altamura is officially the first product which was granted PDO status within Europe in the" bakery and baking products" category, it is exclusively made from local durum wheat flour. It is the result of a special blend of different varieties of durum wheat grown on the Apulian central-northern plateau known as "Murgia". These are the largest and most important wheat production areas in Apulia. Pane di Altamura has a long history and tradition, its quality not only is it due to raw material (such as : water, salt and natural yeast) but also the way it is made. The typical and traditional shape of the bread in local dialect is named " U skuanete" (that is overlapped bread). In the past families used to knead bread at home, but since the use of private ovens was forbidden it was baked in public ovens. Hence the need of marking each loaf of bread with the initials of the head of family before baking it. At first light then, the bakers' cries announcing the completed baking, echoed along Altamura's roads.
Among our appetizers you can taste the Typical Bruschetta which has been made with a bread from Altamura.


Mozzarella SPECIALTY of Apulia! It is a fresh soft cheese traditionally made from Italian buffalo or cow milk by the "pasta filata" method. The classic mozzarella is white in colour and little ball-shaped, it is soft and characterized by a slightly acid taste. Because of these peculiarities and the wide range of uses in food preparation the mozzarella is much appreciated by consumers. It may also take the shape of "treccia" (plait) used in many dishes from a classic antipasto to the base and sole ingredient for our pizza.


We only use fresh and high-quality products for our pizza, durum wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, yeast, tomato, mozzarella and oregano collected directly from Italy. Cooked on the stone ovens, pizza takes on its unique fragrance and unmistakable taste, genuine like few tasty like no other. We offer a wide choice of pizzas from the classic ones to those with the typical Mediterranean- Italian taste to customized pizzas.

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